Interview Series with Mid-Atlantic TAs

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A puzzle with one piece missing.  The words:  "Teaching Artist Interview Series:  I am because we are. Philosophy of Ubuntu"

To read the following dialogue, two readers are needed.  One to play TAMA and the other to play YOU!  Use your imagination as you learn about the upcoming Interview Series with Mid-Atlantic TAs. 


Let’s begin.


Hey! Did you hear about TAMA’s TA Interview Series?





Fridays at noon!

What is it about exactly?

It’s an Interview Series with Mid-Atlantic TAs, silly – it’s TAMA!


But, who exactly is being interviewed?  


Why me?  

Because you are awesome!

Wait.  How does this work? 

Every Friday at noon TAMA will post a new interview to their site.  The interview will be with a Teaching Artist in the TAMA community.  

The Board starts the series off, which will take us to the new year.  After that around the New Year, you’ll be seeing some exciting new faces with all of their cool stuff and hot happenings popping up.  Each Board member will invite the next Teaching Artist to be interviewed.  


But why is TAMA doing this? 

TAMA’s got strategy and goals – BIG GOALS!    It started when TAMA was seeing their own Maryland State Director Khaleshia Thorpe-Price celebrating different TAs every Tuesday for TA Tuesdays, and they thought YES!  It’s time to stop competing, to change the conversation and celebrate each other.  

This is about celebrating all of the TA’s in the region – their art, their TA practice, their life – and discovering a consensus on what affects the region’s communities and the field.

But wait a second-

What’s the benefit to TA’s who are interviewed? 

TAMA links to your website/social media page, and shares your cool face or art or whatever on their social media platforms. 

I could use the publicity.

I know you could. 

But this seems like a lot of work.  

Nah, you do you.  Questions can be answered artfully with video(s), image(s) and audio, or in a more traditional short or long written format.  Take 15 minutes or 2 days or 2 weeks to put your submission together!  You decide how much energy you want to put into it.  

That’s it?!?!  

No hidden expectations for TAs being interviewed? 

Okay, okay. There are a few expectations. First, you need to identify and email the next TA in the state/District where you reside to participate.

Next respond to the four questions from the top secret question list. The TAMA Board compiled the list with you in mind.

After that you simply have to send your submission by the deadline assigned.  To clarify, you’ll have about 8 weeks before it’s due.


That all seems doable.

Yeah.  Designed for and by Teaching Artists.

But won’t we get sick of it

this series…

reading about each other…

No way!  

Are you kidding me?  

I could read about us all day, every day. 

Certainly the series will grow and morph as it unfolds.  

And as it does, it will shape and change us – both individually and collectively.  


Are you ready?

Well, are you?

The TAMA Board wants to hear from you!

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