Teaching Artist Dave Fry Creates Community

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First up in TAMA’s TA Interview Series is TAMA’s Board SecretaryDAVE FRY is a Teaching Artist based in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Dave is a lifelong folk musician and rock n’ roll player. He brings his music into schools in his community. How does he want people to hold music? And what does Dave think sharing music does?

Dave Fry
Dave Fry seated in a playground with his guitar.

In this series, each week we aim to learn a little bit about a TA in the mid-Atlantic. We will ask them 4 questions. We asked Dave:

  • What is a teaching artist?
  • What sets your TA practice apart from others?
  • Tell us about a specific project you’ve done.
  • Who or what inspires you?

He shared this video with us as his response.

Let’s celebrate Dave today and the great work he is doing in Lehigh Valley. And let’s continue the conversation.How did Dave’s response resonate with you? How would you answer the questions we posed to Dave?

Want to chat with Dave about his work? Find him here in TAMA’s TA Directory.

Are you a TA who resides in DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, or WV? Then join the forum conversation for this blog here. Forums are private discussion boards for TAs based in the mid-Atlantic and listed in TAMA’s directory.

And don’t forget to follow Dave on FB.

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Join the conversation. And celebrate a new TA every Friday at 12noon!

Who will we celebrate next week?

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