Positive change is what Khaleshia Thorpe-Price is after

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Happy New Year, TAMA Community! Our deepest apologies to our community for the gap in posts. In November, when our team jumped into TAMA’s TA Interview Series, we immediately experienced collective and personal challenges. We appreciate your patience with this all-teaching artist, all-volunteer Board, as we work to resolve the difficulties our organization has faced and are moving forward with positive change.

Indeed, it’s time to leap into 2022 with a TA Party!

TAMA’s TA Interview Series: Week 2

A cheer and round of applause for TAMA’s Maryland State Director – Khaleshia Thorpe-Price! She exudes positive change! Imperfect, unpolished, and pure fun is what teaching artistry is all about, and the “just-right” mix is what Khaleshia gave us when she asked her production assistant, sidekick, and our future to interview her! We asked Khaleshia:

  • What three nouns are associated with your work? 
  • What’s next for you that we should be keeping an eye out for?
  • Why TAMA? 
Khaleshia Thorpe-Price tells her “production assistant” how TAMA brings her TA community together and lifts the field of teaching artistry into positive change.

Surely you want to celebrate Khaleshia today and the great work she (and her team) does! Join the Khaleshia Thorpe-Price party by sharing this post in your network. And let’s continue the conversation. So, how did Khaleshia’s response resonate with you? How would you answer the questions we posed to Khaleshia?

Undoubtedly, you have a question for Khaleshia, or you want to send her praise. Right? Of course, you do! Are you a TA who resides in DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, or WV? Then, join the forum conversation for this blog here. Forums are private discussion boards for TAs based in the mid-Atlantic and listed in TAMA’s Directory.

Are you not a TA in the mid-Atlantic? Send her a message at her TAMA email! And don’t forget to follow Khaleshia. Learn more about her work by visiting her website or in TAMA’s TA Directory. And don’t forget to follow her on FB and IG. It’s #FollowFriday – a good reason to celebrate a TA. Join the Khaleshia Thorpe-Price party today!

What’s Next?

Since Khaleshia demonstrated bravery with her unpolished interview, you may want to learn why we at TAMA encourage each other to do videos and how we can collectively optimize SEO for the field? Join us at our bi-monthly TA Cafe! Check out our events page here to mark your calendar. Most important, look ahead to February when TAMA comes together for the Quarterly Member Meeting. We hope you can be there because we have a lot to discuss to increase our collective voice across the region!

So that’s how we introduce you to and celebrate a TA in the mid-Atlantic.

Because it’s been a while, we have to ask: Did you miss our first celebration? Check out Dave Fry from our first week in November, and join us next week as we celebrate a new TA every Friday at 12noon! Eventually, we will interview you too.

Who will we celebrate next week? Any guesses.

Stay tuned!

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