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A united front in DC brings Go-go to classrooms

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Trouble Funk popularized indigenous music from our nation’s capitol and our DC Director stands united with this popular R&B and funk genre called go-go. We start this week there with Trouble Funk!

Devin Walker, aka Uncle Devin, stands united.

United in the District of Columbia!

Devin Walker, aka Uncle Devin, is TAMA’s District of Columbia Director. He starts the DC thread by answering our four questions. His response is full of treasures. Things you will want to look up. Ideas for you to sit on in reflection. Reasons why you will stop by a TAMA meeting in the future.

What did we ask Devin?

  1. Define Teaching Artist.
  2. What three nouns are associated with your work? 
  3. What is next for you that we should be keeping an eye out for?
  4. Why TAMA? 

Uncle Devin responds with a video

Uncle Devin Walker values the united front of TAMA!

Celebrate DC Director Devin Walker

Want to celebrate Devin with us? Visit his website, listen to WeeNation radio, and follow him on social media for #FollowFriday (FB & IG). Then next Tuesday for #TATuesday or #TeachingArtistTuesday – share Devin and his work on your social media channels. Let’s help Uncle Devin bring Go-go music to classrooms and stand with him as a united front in the field of teaching artistry!

Value TAMA’s United Front

That’s right – Devin invited you to join TAMA’s united front. Are YOU a TA who resides in DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, or WV? Join this forum’s conversation here where we question, challenge, wonder…

  • Who are you connected to in the mid-Atlantic?
  • Where can you grow your connectivity as a teaching artist?
  • How can your voice join a united front for the field?

Our forums are private discussion boards for TAs based in the mid-Atlantic and listed in TAMA’s Directory. Join TAMA today – it’s free folks! And it is a place where you will enlarge your capacities and connections locally, statewide, and regionally! As Devin says:

We support, we listen, we learn,

and we help each other grow. . .

We believe, and we know,

that we are a profession like any other profession.

And therefore we deserve a sustainable wage

that will allow us to continue to thrive –

to take care of our families and our communities.

We grow our profession and our field by standing united! Teaching, and even art-making, is isolating. Too often, we find ourselves siloed within our work environments. Take a risk. Push down the walls. Step back from and into a world of togetherness. Opportunities and so many possibilities await if you are willing. From Devin’s invitation, a favorite African Proverb rises to the surface.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Come and check TAMA out. We want to go far, together, with you!

What’s coming up?

If you are a TA in the mid-Atlantic, check out our events calendar. Join us at our bi-monthly TA Cafe – First Mondays at 9:30 AM, and Third Fridays at 2:30 PM! Devin is part of Genesis, TAMA’s Black and brown Teaching Artists network. Genesis meets on second Tuesdays at 1 PM, and Devin would love to see you there!

Finally, please keep your eyes out for who we spotlight next Friday at 12noon!

We started with Trouble Funk, and we are closing with whatever is now playing on Devin’s WeeNation Radio!!

#FollowFriday #TeachingArtist #ArtsEducation #Genesis #MusicEducation

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