West Virginia Director Kylie Proudfoot-Payne: insight and innovation

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Today TAMA’s West Virginia Director shines. Kylie Proudfoot-Payne responds to our questions and offers our community insight and innovation. She shared in an email that talking about herself and her art is a weakness she holds. Me too, Kylie. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. How does this weakness originate? What tips do you have to overcome it?

  • Serve each other a healthy dose of continual compliments.
  • Require each of us to break the silence and name our accomplishments.
  • Actively participate in this blog by sharing, commenting and following each participant.
  • Courageously respond when your turn comes to publicly answer four questions.

Kylie, you nailed it with your response.

Seriously, you are so freaking incredible, Kylie.

I love Teaching Artists.

Kylie & Other TAMA Colleagues & Friends: You Belong!

Finding a place where you belong is difficult.

These last few years have been particularly challenging for all of us.

Yet, there you are.

I see you. Your artistry. Your understanding. Your fierceness. Your softness. Your resiliency.

I believe in you. Your creativity. Your intellect. Your power. Your leadership.

This week, like so many, I listened to the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. The opening words of Lisa Fairfax, a University of Pennsylvania professor and Jackson’s former Harvard roommate and friend moved me.

Those first moments when you wonder if you belong, she’s the friend that made sure we all did.

Lisa Fairfax

I hope you have that kind of TA colleague and friend in your sphere of influence. I hope you feel belonging in the places you network as a teaching artist because you do.

And now, West Virginia’s Kylie Proudfood-Payne

TAMA’s West Virginia Director Kylie Proudfoot-Payne responds to these four questions:

  • What is something that a Teaching Artist does that is invisible?
  • What is your creative skill superpower? What’s the most important creative skill you’ve developed that you see show up in other areas of your life?
  • Describe your creative process.
  • What’s next for you that we should be keeping an eye out for?

What is something that a Teaching Artist does that is invisible?

There is an element of the unknown and risk within the artistic process that teaching artists can tap into and bring to student artists. By teaching students to challenge themselves and confront the unknown bravely, we can help them solve problems and accomplish something that may be a brand new skill and experience. 

The best teaching artist learns how to allow the student artists to influence the artistic journey. This is a tip I give to emerging TAs. To be successful, try not to focus on what you think success will look like, the successes as a teaching artist are generally not what you first thought they would be, but they will be even better than your carefully made plans. 

What is your creative skill superpower? What’s the most important creative skill you’ve developed that you see show up in other areas of your life?

I can create art anywhere. It doesn’t matter what type of space or environment I am teaching in; I adapt fairly quickly to start the creation process. From a classroom with minimal supplies or in the forest with found objects, the path of creation is similar and begins with an idea.

Describe your creative process.

My creative process in my artwork is often similar to the creative processes in the class environment. I begin with something I have found exciting or interesting, and that is generally where my project or artwork idea is born. I will then complete and explore the project myself before implementing the lesson in the classroom.

What’s next for you that we should be keeping an eye out for?

The current project in my studio is a painted portal installation with interactive near-field communication devices embedded into the surface of the painting and readable with most phones. There will be an interactive educational component available to participating communities. 

Interested in NFC’s?

Learn more about Kylie and how she embeds NFCs into her work. View @kylieproudfoot-payne as part of TAMA’s TA Directory, and visit her website. For #FollowFriday, please share this blog and shine a light on her. Follow Kylie on FB. Of course, you should message her about NFCs!

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Together we are stronger, braver, wiser.

Find a network where you belong, and stand together.



Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

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