Return to Pennsylvania for a pitch from Visual TA Bill Christine

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It’s great to return to Pennsylvania, where they have a strong, pioneering local network! I don’t know Bill Christine well, but I feel like I do. We chat a lot as the TAMA board, and @davefry, our secretary, often speaks about Bill. They both participate in the Teaching Artists of the Lehigh Valley Network. How delightful to see them collaborate to create a video for Bill’s interview.

It’s a relief to relax with Bill for a short bit here. Let him share his work with you. Allow him to challenge your understanding of the field. He certainly opened me to wonder about the changes he has experienced during his long tenure as a Teaching Artist. I want to hear more from him. For now, I sit with his responses to:

  • What is a Teaching Artist?
  • What are three words that come to mind as a Teaching Artist?
  • What has changed in the Teaching Artist field?
  • What are you working on now?

Pitch Pennsylvania Visual TA Bill’s Art

Learn more about Bill by visiting his website. On this #FollowFriday, please share this blog and pitch him and his art and practice to the world.

Throw him some more love on #TeachingArtistTuesday! And connect with him, I imagine we could all use a little more of him. Don’t you love his laugh at the end? It was like a hug for me!

Are YOU a TA who resides in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia? Now is the time to join TAMA and participate in conversations happening in our regional network. Check out the forum for this blog here, where you can connect with Bill and the many others that are gathering through TAMA’s website!

Pennsylvania: a pioneer in Local and Regional Network Events!

Pennsylvania had the Lehigh network long before there was TAMA. Let’s take their example and build local networks across our region. They are so critical! We learned why in Tuesday’s session.

You may have missed the OUTSTANDING session on Tuesday with Adam Holofcener from the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts for a conversation titled Independent Contractor v. Employee. @uncledevinshow will recap with a blog post in the coming weeks! Keep your eyes out for it. First, Devin is heading to the 64th annual GRAMMY awards, as part of All One Tribe Collective. Wish them luck! Congrats Devin!

If you are a TA in the mid-Atlantic, join us at our bi-monthly TA Cafes on First Mondays at 9:30 AM and Third Fridays at 2:30 PM! We will continue to discuss the many questions, suggestions, and ideas that Adam brought to our community to ensure Teaching Artists are valued as contributors to our communities and recognized as paid professionals. Check out our events calendar and mark your calendar today.

First-Ever National Teaching Artists Conference Happening Next Week

Yes, you read that right. Our nation is holding its first-ever National Teaching Artists Conference. Register today for a conference FOR Teaching Artists. Mark your calendars for April 5-7!

To prepare for our first-ever national conference, might I suggest you listen to:

You probably should start with Act 1 of the interview, but I urge everyone to listen to the above episode, where they dive into Precious Blake’s report to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. I think 34 minutes in gets pretty phenomenal. Blake will participate in a plenary session on Day 2 at 1:15 titled, Cueing Up Day 2: A Conversation About Systems & Barriers, where she will discuss her report.

Thank you to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies for conducting this investigation of current models for working with Teaching Artists. Thank you to Precious Blake for listening to Teaching Artists and advocating on behalf of the field of teaching artistry. I can’t wait to talk to you all about all of this next week!

Shout out to the Teaching Artists Guild for their work towards the conference. A BIG thank you to all of the Teaching Artists who are making and participating in this:
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NEXT MEETING: January 13, 2023 at 8pm.

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