New Jersey TA Ramon Stevens Village of Patience

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New Jersey TA Ramon Stevens dances as Michael Jackson, wears a hat, black vest, white t-shirt and black jeans.
Ramon Stevens as Michael Jackson in a talent show.

@winceyco passes the New Jersey thread of connectivity to Ramon Stevens. In his interview, he gives his number one tip to Teaching Artists. And without knowing it, Ramon suggests another name for TAMA networks – a village!

Are you a village creator? Wincey is. Ramon is a member of her village. He is also a village creator. We need more village creators to advance and grow the field of teaching artistry. And we need more village joiners too. Join Ramon’s village today. Pull up a chair. Put in your earbuds. Listen to his responses to:

  • What is your creative superpower?
  • What gets your creative juices flowing?
  • What is your number one tip for being a teaching artist?
  • What message do you tell your former self?

Beyond the New Jersey Village

How are you participating in the creation of our village?

Start today. Find @ramonstevens this #FollowFriday on FB and TikTok and follow him!

Check out the forum for this blog here, where you can connect with @ramonstevens and the many others that are gathering through TAMA’s website! Let Ramon know that our village called Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic appreciates, supports, and celebrates his journey in the field! Reach out to him for a chat.

His interview raised some crucial questions about why we might need each other.

  • Who is in your village creating with you?
  • How and where do you prepare, study your craft and push forward?

Find out what Ramon thinks. Then when #TeachingArtistTuesday rolls around next week, spotlight Ramon. Because he is correct, it does take a village. We need each other. Let’s be a village for each other.

Our village meets today at 2:30 PM for the TA Cafe! Check out our event calendar and mark your calendar for events coming up next month.

Our village needs creators and joiners so that we can advance and further our profession. So, why haven’t you joined yet? Are YOU a TA who resides in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia? Join TAMA today!

And here is a question for you: what else does our field need?

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