NY’s Larry Moss invites Daystar Rosalie Jones, TAMA invites you

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Rosalie Jones in the Jingle Dress.

Larry Moss invites Daystar Rosalie Jones to participate in the New York thread, and so our blog continues. First, how are you doing?

How are we – the collectively – doing?

Check-in with your colleagues. We all need more love, empathy, patience, understanding, and time and space for self-care and healing.

We gave our colleagues time and space this month – and skipped a few weeks of our blog. Thank you for your support and understanding. It’s been a difficult month. There has been a storm of crises, and as we continue to re-emerge into in-person work and reimagine what that work looks like, we care for ourselves and each other first.

A blog schedule can go off its course when colleagues are overwhelmed. Sticking to a plan isn’t necessary; holding each other with care is. This blog will introduce us to Teaching Artists who reside in the mid-Atlantic when they are ready and able. TAMA invites pausing, listening, and moving together!

Positive news invites celebration

While the blog was on pause, the TAMA Board and members have been active. Earlier this month, TAMA received notification that the IRS has awarded TAMA 501(c)(3) status! (cue: cheers!) This news sets TAMA up for exciting and big things. We will be looking to you for ideas and participation. Please join us the week of June 13 for a virtual TA Party, where we will connect, celebrate, and collaborate! Drop in to one or all of the events. All seven states and the District of Columbia will be joining us. Check the schedule here.

Now let’s hear from our colleague, Daystar Rosalie Jones. “Born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana,” she resides in Rochester, New York, and is part of Teaching Artist Roc – a local TA network. Here Rosalie shares her background and passion for the arts (including dance and masks) and how it takes shape in her life and practice. Larry Moss invited Rosalie to participate and asked her:

  • Why are you a Teaching Artist?
  • Describe your creative process.
  • Tell us about a specific work or project.
  • What is something you began that you never finished and would like to?

TA invites TA!

Big thanks to Larry Moss for introducing us to Rosalie M. Jones. We can’t wait to share space with her next month at the virtual TA Party! Explore Rosalie’s Daystar Dance Company, and celebrate Rosalie today. Spotlight her on all social media platforms on this #FollowFriday. And, take a moment to say hi to her. Tell her something you heard, are curious about, or ask a question you have about her work. She shared such gems. Check out the forum for this blog here, which invites us to connect with @rosaliejones and the many others that are gathering through TAMA’s website! Continue the party and highlight Rosalie on #TeachingArtistTuesday or any day of the week over the next seven days!

More celebrations of our work and less competition between artists is a goal of TAMA. We are actively debunking the myth that we need to compete with each other. We believe we all can flourish. Let’s start by ensuring that we feel deeply seen, connected, and valued. 

TAMA’s Commitment Continues

Since the beginning, TAMA has been committed to seeding networks across the region that support and empower TAs and where we can collectively advocate for our profession! Our networks are the foundation of an environment that promotes teaching artists’ health, growth, and sustainability! Remember how Ramon Stevens spoke about the village? Take a listen.

Our new website builds on the work of our networks and serves our mission and long-term community goals. We are committing to strategies that will create deeper connections among TAs across the region! Forums, interviews, resources, a community board with job and grant listings, and personal messaging! These are just a few ways the website brings a sense of true community to all of us, with a sense of purpose and value for each of us.

To move us into this new stage, we need to create communication streams that support engagement on the website and strategies that allow our volunteer Board members to administer communications effectively. Therefore, TAMA will close our private groups housed under the TAMA name at the end of this month (Teaching Artists Sharing and Caring, DMV Teaching Artists, Teaching Artists of Pennsylvania, Teaching Artists of Maryland, and Teaching Artists of New Jersey). The Genesis page will remain open. Genesis is for TAMA’s Black and Brown TAs who support, uplift, and give voice to all Artists of Color, especially those with ties to Africa by direct lineage, heritage, bloodline, or experience.

Transformative Change Invites Joyful Celebration

This change – closing FB groups – is difficult, but we know the long-term community goals are well worth it. Our Board will be able to focus on the website and execute strategies to build more sustaining connectivity for every TA and grow our collective capacity to advocate for equity so that we can thrive. Together we can create both online and in-person communities that are transformative for our field and amplify our profession with us at the center! 

To that end, we invite you to take these steps before May 30!

  1. Follow TAMA’s FB Page
  2. TAs of Black and Brown communities are encouraged to join the Genesis FB network
  3. Join TAMA’s TA Directory. You must reside in the mid-Atlantic region (DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV). You’ll want to create your member profile, join the networks and forums that interest you, and get updates about jobs, grants, resources, and other opportunities to support your work!  
  4. Reach out to members of TAMA’s TA Facebook private groups that you have connected with and make plans to stay in touch after the group closes.

How might we accept this change with a positive mindset? TAMA invites you to the mid-Atlantic June celebration. Mark your calendar for the June virtual celebration! How can you accept our invitation to the party? Join TAMA’s TA Directory. Zoom links will be shared in our forums. Stay tuned! Of course, email us if you have any challenges, questions, concerns, or ideas. We are walking together – and we aren’t leaving anyone behind!

We look forward to taking these next steps with you.

Together we are stronger, braver, and wiser!

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