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I should be thinking more about it-
I am going to be in person at a headstart program two mornings/month for the whole school year- starting in three weeks. I will meet with the director of the program next week and ask what they’re doing about preventing transmission.
I’ll be in a high school one afternoon/week for seven weeks.
I’ve been doing in person art sessions with seniors. Not ideal as far as having everyone keeping a mask on, but will be reminding them about it.
I have virtual classes in mixed media…drawing. No worries there, just the tech issues.
I have two other in person classes at an art center. (mid- Oct; and mid- Nov.) I’m thinking we’ll all be wearing masks, and can spread out. These are one day workshops for 3 to 5 hrs. For the five hr workshop,I will definitely have the windows open and fans blowing air out- as we’re working with heating wax.
Will be having a zoom meeting with other instructors next week.
I really haven’t thought it entirely through with the Delta variant. Had thought before we were all ok w/the vaccinations, but now…
Thanks for asking,