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Quote shared: “to be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost all of the time” James Baldwin

Springboard for the Arts, workbook Business for Artists: https://springboardexchange.org/workofart/
Or check out the copy that TAMA downloaded to their google folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TUb19E9_QReabk2JhOXxowHcZsBDOPpp/view?usp=sharing

Marcie commented: i encourage fellow teaching artists to get the booster (if you had the pfzier vax for 6 months from last vaccine.) You teach, and are an essential worker.

Creative Aging? Check out Marcie’s comment: If any of you are interested in working with seniors in the DMV- I’ve been working with Arts for the Aging for about 10 yrs. Check out: https://artsfortheaging.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Arts-for-the-Aging-Teaching-Artist-Job-Description-2021.pdf

Nadine will share some awesome website design ideas, and how you can integrate your site with client management systems. Jennifer began using Honeybook, as suggested by Nadine over a year ago. https://www.honeybook.com/

Tag your elected officials on the work you are doing.
Every state has an arts advocacy agency. Do you know yours?
Krystle: ArtPride in NJ, AnneMarie is their head person.

Devin reminded us why TAs were important during the pandemic. TAs and the arts do more than drive the economy of a city and state. After Devin’s words, Nadine wrote: I know that’s right, Devin ! Excellent point. Teaching Artists kept everyone afloat ✊?

So it’s the Year of the Teaching Artist – if we want it to be. But we’ve got to want it. And we’ve got to make it happen.
Khaleshia’s initiative to spotlight a different TA on her platform, that I’m starting too, for Teaching Artist Tuesdays is one way. We’ve got to make people aware of this field, and why it’s relevant. Other ways to get involved:

Check out the TAMA Calendar (under Community Connection). In December you will see the Teaching Artists Guild’s conference listed.

Marcie asked about the The International Teaching Artists Conference. It happens every other year. 2020 they were in Seoul, South Korea virtually. Stay tuned for their next conference in 2022. I’m sure they will make it a hybrid conference, so that people can attend in person or virtual. They have some great workshops happening every month. I’ve been attending some of their climate change sessions.

Krystle is right. The DC Collaborative is listed as the arts agency, which is odd to me. Collaborative (https://dccollaborative.org/) Maybe they used to be an advocate, but it feels like they have moved away from that idea…. am I wrong? Thoughts? Devin, we should explore this…

Denise brought up the importance of serving on committees within your local communities, and Devin stated serving on grant panels. Our voices are always needed in these spaces, and by making our voices heard we will shape our worlds locally. As Denise said, “get art as a line item on the budget.” I noted that I now serve on the Hyattsville’s Education Committee.

Anyone interested in a regional book club? What if we read Emergent Strategy this month, and discussed it on Monday October 25? Anyone interested? What time works? https://www.akpress.org/emergentstrategy.html

Wow – I think that’s everything. All the links and ideas that were expressed. Woot, woot. It was quite a session! I feel so energized. Nadine’s kicking it in New Jersey and Devin’s gathering a team in DC – from NJ to DC we’ve got a collective. Lead others to the collective. We are stronger, braver and wiser when we are connected. Don’t allow anyone to get trapped in the silos. Love, love, love!!!!!

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