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    How would you answer the following questions? These questions were posed to TAMA by Hannah Lee, a design/media art teaching artist in South Korea who is working for the Seongnam Foundation for Arts and Culture as a researcher on a project that taking a deep dive into global TA network models. The goal is to write a case study of the value and role of Teaching Artist Networks. The project has been supported by the Korea Institute of Culture and Arts Education and hopes to further the development of the Korean art education system. It was such an inspiring and motivating conversation. These questions seem relevant for TAMA members to consider as we transition beyond having achieved TAMA goal 1. We developed a website platform for community. It’s up and running. But what is next? Might our collective responses to these questions help shape our next goal.

    Let’s get strategic together! Share your responses here, and join us at the TA Cafes starting up next week!

    1. What is the founding background and purpose of TAMA?
    2. What kind of members are TAMA made up of? How did you gather those members?
    3. How often does TAMA have meetings? Has TAMA provided any coursework or workshop to members for self-development?
    4. What is TAMA’s most meaningful accomplishment?
    5. What is the motivation for sustaining TAMA?
    6. Do you think teaching artists’ network is important for the development of art education/learning? If you do or do not, why?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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