TAMA Network Events

TAMA is using our networks to support Teaching Artists as they experience the impact of COVID-19.


In these unprecedented times, we turn to our community that is both rich in spirit and generosity for inspired local and regional networking!  Introducing the TAMA SALON SERIES!  We are stronger when we are connected. 

The launch of this new series begins with a toast!  Let’s entertain, inspire and motivate each other.  Break out the comfy chair in your living or settle into the corner of your porch that faces the sunset.  Bring your favorite drink and a fun, quirky or inspirational toast!  What fun, quirky or inspirational activities have you invested in during this sudden time off?  Let’s share!

TA CAFE: Monday, March 30 | 9:30AM

Rise and shine TAs!  Before you plug into the news, grab your coffee or tea and plug into your network.  As Teaching Artists are invited to reinvent their work, this is an opportunity to share your dreams and invent the future together. 

TA HAPPY HOUR: Thursday, April 2 | 5PM

Let’s get silly and dress up!  Put on a costume.  Bring a drink and a friend! 



Email us with networks and resources you learn about that may benefit Teaching Artists in the Mid-Atlantic – locally, statewide and regionally – during this difficult time. TAMA will filter and tailor the information to each network region, so that each Teaching Artist receives the most relevant and timely support.

When you join our mailing list we advise you to UPDATE YOUR PREFERENCES in your TAMA mailing list account. By doing so, you tell us a little bit about yourself. This link is always available in the footer of every email TAMA sends, so you can easily make changes to what information you receive. This increases our ability to sort and segment our mailing list geographically, by art form, skills, expertise and interest. This is an increasingly valuable feature.  Our needs will differ from community to community, and much of our strength and stability will come from our ability to connect and respond locally.

TAMA Networks are VITAL!

Won’t you join a network? Explore the current groups throughout each state and get connected in your region! Don’t see a group in your region or that works with your schedule? Step up as a Local Coordinator! Reach out for support as you create a local network.  This guide makes the task of starting a group manageable and achievable!