TAMA’s Template Invoice

Written by TAMA Members who will regularly update it with current trends/needs. As suggested, use the TAMA logo to inform clients of our professional costs & the value of teaching […]

Arts Advocacy 101: Tips for Talking with Principals

AEMS strives to serve the arts education ecosystem through resource Marc Martin, Principal of The Commodore John Rodgers School in Baltimore City, shares tips on how prospective community arts partners […]

Immediate and Structural Action Needed

As teaching artists and arts administrators, we call on the arts and culture sector, the philanthropic community, policymakers, schools, libraries, retirement homes, detention centers, and all community entities, to prioritize […]

My Dearest Arts Organization YOUTUBE

This letter came out of comments collected from The Teaching Artists Guild and Teaching Artists for the Mid Atlantic Listening Tours held from 2020-21. The letter was original published in […]

My Dearest Arts Organization, Are You Listening?

The National Guild for Community Arts Education published "My Dearest Arts Organization, Are You Listening?" (GuildNotes, Issue 1, 2021), a letter created by teaching artists to reflect on some of […]

COVID-19 Letter to Officials

Developed in March 2020, this template was used by TAs across the nation to let elected officials know that we are here and are in need.

Arts Advocate Checklist

The MD Citizens for the Arts' Nicholas Cohen put together this monthly checklist to support TAs in their advocacy across the region.