Arts Education Data Project

The Arts Education Data Project is rooted in data reporting efforts dating back to the 1990’s. The year 2004 saw the first release of a statewide report using state department […]

TAMA Library

This form is for TAMA members requesting or issuing a book for loan that is part of TAMA’s Traveling Library. Only members with complete and up-to-date TA Directory profiles can […]

7 Principles Podcast Presentation

Listen to this powerful discussion of the “Seven Principles to Prioritize and Value the Professional Teaching Artist” by presenters Denise Jones, Jennifer Ridgway, Khaleshia Thorpe-Price, and Devin Walker, all board […]

Local Arts and Cultural Placemaking

It is our mission to recognize the arts of the local culture as an artistic category distinct from the arts of commercial and non-profit entertainment. It is essential to their […]

TAMA’s Template Invoice

Written by TAMA Members who will regularly update it with current trends/needs. As suggested, use the TAMA logo to inform clients of our professional costs & the value of teaching […]

Arts Advocacy 101: Tips for Talking with Principals

AEMS strives to serve the arts education ecosystem through resource Marc Martin, Principal of The Commodore John Rodgers School in Baltimore City, shares tips on how prospective community arts partners […]

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