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That’s right - TAMA needs the mid-Atlantic arts and culture sector, the philanthropic community, policymakers, schools, libraries, retirement homes, detention centers, PTAs, other club/association leaders, and all community entities!

But what can you do?

  • Search TAMA’s TA Directory for your next hire.
  • Post jobs, grants, and training opportunities on the TAMA bulletin board.
  • Share TAMA-supported happenings listed on our events calendar with your TA community.
  • List your organization in TAMA’s Stakeholder Directory and show your support of the TAMA movement.
  • Share links with useful information to the TAMA community in TAMA’s resources library. Resources include articles, best practices teaching tools, business templates, and other supports for TA professionals in artistry, teaching, business, advocacy, and leadership! 
  • Like and repost our FB, IG, LI, and tweets! 
  • Most importantly, share TAMA with Teaching Artists on your rosters and mailing lists. Please encourage them to join TAMA’s TA Directory and participate in TAMA online forums and networking events. 

Why will this help?

Since the summer of 2020, TAMA members have deliberated over individual past and present experiences and examined their understanding of what a professional is and how identifying as one might shape and transform their collective future. Together, members developed seven Principles for Professional Teaching Artists. (Read here.)

Today, guided by the principles of excellence, professional respect, autonomy/choice, fair pay, self-worth, control, and prepared and responsible, TAMA advances solidarity and justice in the field across the mid-Atlantic region. 

We call on you – TAMA stakeholders – our network of arts organizations, grant funders, policymakers, schools, retirement homes, community centers and associations, and more – to observe the seven principles for Teaching Artists and reimagine ways to do business with us. 

The above-mentioned actions demonstrate your commitment to TAMA’s Professional TA Principles. By joining forces with us, we can achieve an equitable, sustainable, and vibrant arts ecosystem and ensure Teaching Artists remain contributors to the vibrancy and growth of our communities with art learning and making at the heart! 

Finally, TAMA hosts webinars for stakeholders. Steered by the principles, sessions are transformative 1-2 hour discussions that widen our collective perspective about Teaching Artist professionalism and provide concrete solutions to strengthen direct relationships with Teaching Artists and grow a sustainable arts ecosystem for all!

As TAMA grows, we welcome your ideas to collaborate and partner with you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to the TAMA Board.

Thanks for taking a minute in your busy schedule to visit us.

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Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic

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