We don’t know what is ahead. We do know collective action is powerful. So how do we tap into it?

Here are 10 ❤ Ways To Prep for 2021 as a TA Advocate Leader!

Step 1

Congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and endorse the national petition (and get 10 colleagues to endorse the letter too!)

Step 2

Put yourself on the TA Asset Map (watch this video to get one person’s perspective of why!)

step 3

Register for the TA Café (Mondays 9:30AM) to take the steps to TA Advocacy Leadership! (watch this video to get one person’s perspective of why!)

Step 4

Sign up for the Arts Action Fund.

Step 5

Join both your States Arts Agency and Advocacy Organization(s) (and email your state advocacy captain)

step 6

Identify your elected officials.  Write them and follow them on social media.

Step 7

Write an op-ed in your local paper! The Americans for the Arts has a draft to get you started.

Step 8

Mark your calendar to register on January 11 for National Arts Action Summit (April 5-9) & Arts Advocacy Day (April 12-16)!

step 9

Put your State Arts Advocacy Day on your calendar! (check in with your State Advocacy Captain about when it is!)

Step 10

Create an advocacy video! The TA Cafe is a support system to make this happen.


Make a donation to TAMA (or ask a family/friend to make a donation). The new CARES Act increases the amount of your charitable contributions that may be tax-deductible this year and simplifies your reporting. That means your gift adds up to even more for you!


Open TAMA board positions in DC, MD, NY & VA! Also there are executive board positions that need to be filled. Teaching artists make a difference and enhance their own visibility as a TA professional leader by joining the board! Download interest flyer! Learn more and apply by emailing us!